Become a dedicated Fundraiser for the cause to enable all causes

Anyone can choose to raise funds for any cause on a volunteer basis,  however fund-raising can also be remunerated so that people passionate about a cause,  can spend full time at promoting it while still meeting their obligations at home.

MSTA Business Model:

The MSTA is not a fiscal entity and all associated costs have been supported pro bono by its founders and associates.  So, we do not and cannot solicit funds in the name of the MSTA but instead we promote and list those organisations that adopt the MSTA as a principle pillar to seek improved economic and social conditions in support of their constituent base.

To this end the corresponding rights to key MSTA content will be extended free of charge as a limited commercial license for those organisations exploiting the original MSTA good will and proposal content to raise funds for themselves while providing professional opportunities to those fund-raising representatives who qualify to properly represent the MSTA mission.  The only requirements for organisations to benefit from our team’s cumulative knowledge and experience are as follows:

  1. The organisation has openly endorsed the MSTA project and mission.
  2. Employs MSTA Fundraising Agents certified by designated MSTA founders and/or associates;
  3. A minimum commission structure for MSTA representatives is approved and maintained.

The goal is to make supporting the MSTA mission an opportunity for everyone by allowing the good will and content to be exploited to raise funds and promote all organisations that embrace the MSTA mission as their own,   as well as creating as many well paying positions for trained MSTA Reps.

The first case in point,  is the not for profit  Association Centre of Solidarity of Cuéllar Spain (ACSC),  that has fully embraced the MSTA project and mission as a key strategy for improving the economic and social conditions of everyone, by actively participating and organising international MSTA related projects as well as developing a comprehensive ACSC-MSTA fundraiser-agent remuneration policy.

Thus currently,  individuals who wish to raise funds for the MSTA can do so by:

  1. Becoming a qualified MSTA fundraiser;
  2. Begin raising funds for the ACSC or,
  3. Getting any other organisation to adopt the MSTA mission and purpose as described above and exploit its good will to raise funds for that organisation via duly certified MSTA reps.

MSTA Fundraiser Qualification:

To become a successful MSTA Fundraiser applicant, you will need to fill out the form below confirming your agreement with the “MSTA Declaration of Support” and be ready to perform and/or logically defend the following in a subsequent interview:

  1. The project structure and goals and know how to present the project effectively to the public.
  2. How money is currently being misrepresented i.e. how the notions of “measure” and “commodity” are mutually exclusive and how these are implied  in common money contracts.
  3. By virtue of the ubiquitous role of money as a sine-qua-non resource rather than a mere annotation of a standard measure of value,   all causes become dependent and subservient to the availability of money rather than on true requirements and resources.
  4. How  the MSTA mission objective is indisputably a “cause to enable all causes”.
  5. The MSTA Technical Curriculum (proofs and examples).
  6. The MSTA Legal Curriculum how the misrepresentation of money undermines fundamental principles of Justice and Law.

For those requiring tailored training please contact us.


I am not aware of any published and formally ratified technical and legal common standard definition of money that is subject to objective evaluation for its logical validity and consistency with respect to the practices, terms and conditions of common money contracts. The law requires all terms of contracts to be logically valid and unequivocally understandable by all parties affected, to be non contradictory and prohibits any gain by virtue of any logical ambiguity or vacuity. I therefore endorse the MSTA project mission and cause and request all agents private and public to take heed and demonstrate good will by facilitating the MSTA founders, supporters, collaborators.


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