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MSTA Business Model:

The MSTA is not a fiscal entity and all associated costs have been supported pro-bono by its founders and associates.  So, we do not  solicit funds in the name of the MSTA but instead we promote and list those organisations that adopt the MSTA as a principle pillar to seek improved economic and social conditions in support of their constituent base and where the organisation:

  1. Has publicly endorsed the MSTA project and mission.
  2. Employs MSTA Fundraising Agents certified by designated MSTA founders and/or associates;
  3. Provides a minimum approved commission structure for MSTA representatives.

The first case in point,  the not for profit  Association Centre of Solidarity of Cuéllar Spain (ACSC),  has fully embraced the MSTA project and mission as a key strategy for improving the economic and social conditions of everyone, by actively participating and organising international MSTA related projects as well as developing a comprehensive ACSC-MSTA fundraiser-agent remuneration policy.

For more information on how to donate contact the ACSC at:

You can also help by Fundraising, Volunteering or contacting us with any of your own ideas.