Association Centre for Solidarity of Cuéllar (Spain) (ACSC) – MSTA 

The ACSC arose out of the Spanish 15-M movement (May 15, 2011) with the objective to extend community solidarity towards the most affected by the current economic crisis, by both informing about the different facets of the crisis as well as initiating practical strategies free of ideological dogmas.   Within the limit of its volunteer based support, the ACSC has provided the following:

  • Legal and fiscal support to those affected by the crisis.
  • A clothes bank.
  • A food bank.
  • Library.
  • Employment services .
  • Multi purpose room open to activities by other citizen groups
  • An ecological subsistence orchard/garden.
  • Events, meetings, workshops, discussions and presentations.

Following the mobilisations of the 15th of May, numerous assemblies arose where citizens recuperated their collective voice to publicly echo the lack of representation and to demand  participation in the politico-economic decisions leading to the determination of alternatives.   In May of 2014, the ACSC, as an autonomous entity,  joined the Popular Solidarity Network with national reach and presence in numerous cities within Spain.

Unfortunately, the different actions haven’t proven effective in avoiding the consequences of the crisis let alone change its course,  thus representing a formidable and relentless challenge to all well-intentioned local initiatives.   Having understood how isolated local actions are insufficient to deal with the growing impact of a global crisis and in order for significant and sustainable measures beyond mere raising voices to denounce injustice,  the Association requires a solidarity based on transparent sharing of relevant knowledge objectively demonstrable by ordinary citizens that both reflect universal principles of Justice and Law, logic and science, as well as being able to radiate from the local to positively impact the global.

Consequently, as of September 2016, the ACSC has increased its scope of influence from local to national and resolved to integrate the international project  “Money Systems Transparency Alliance (MSTA)” highlighting the lack of any formal definition of money, its subsequent logical misrepresentation in common practice, the unavoidable legal/contractual and technical consequences that follow and the need for all concerned to seek a non belligerent resolution to this anomaly.   This is primordial,  because without defining money properly current imbalances will only continue to grow systemically, independently of any proposals within the current scope of money-reliant politics and activism.

Currently, the ACSC-MSTA project represents ACSC’s most ambitious initiative for which it is focussing the greater part of its energies. To offer your financial support to the ACSC-MSTA project contact: