MSTA Summary

A project to empower through understanding the facts of money’s misrepresentation. (See:Video)


Principles of Law,  require that parties to a contract share an unequivocal and valid understanding of the objects of the contract.  Therefore and with regards to money contracts,  all of us should be able to answer “Yes” to all questions in the above figure, otherwise there is no way to assure any valid common understanding required for such contracts to be considered legally valid.

We are an expert team that on the basis of a broad set of indisputable evidence can prove:

  • That at all levels, expert or otherwise, there exists no valid common definition of “money” and its function.
  • The assumption that money can be both a measure of value as well as a tradable commodity is logically inconsistent constituting a misrepresentation of the facts underlying common money contracts.
  • Without, an unequivocal valid common standard definition of money, comprehensible to all parties, current money contracts can no longer continue to enjoy the status of being valid as has been assumed to date.

We therefore seek your support to:

  1. Inform and disseminate evidence, logical proofs, research findings and communications regarding the current misrepresentation of money and lack of any current valid standard definition of money.
  2. Create an international forum to ratify and publish a logically and legally valid common definition of money that can be understood and accepted by all.
  3. Take all necessary legal measures to prevent further harm due to the current misrepresentation of money in contracts.

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