Founding Contributors

Marc Gauvin (Project Coordinator, Formal Semantics, Stability in Money Expert)


 A 34 year veteran of the “new money” movement, known for  promoting money as a standard measure, applying formal dynamic systems engineering, semantic analysis and general IT theory to money systems.   Founder of  the Passive BIBO Currency Project in collaboration with Sergio Dominguez and fellow of the Monetary Research Center of the University of National and World Economy where along with Jorge Meira Costa presented “A proposal for harmonising current disparate (scientific and legal) definitions of money towards greater decidability in the provision of Justice according to universal principles of contract law” following previous publications.  International IT expert as well as Director of Operations and Business Strategy.  On behalf of the Spanish Authors community and in collaboration with Jaime Delgado, he spearheaded Media Value Chain Ontology (ISO/IEC 21000-19) International Standard approved and published in 2010 for representing  the digital media value chains,  as well as managing and directing publicly funded  projects.  He has participated in numerous international conferences as a speaker and presenter on digital rights as well as on Passive BIBO Currency theory. He is a musician,  painter and holds a B.Sc. in integrated Sciences from Carleton University, Ottawa Canada.

“Knowing when you don’t know and knowing how to prove what you do know,  is what makes one invaluable to others…”


Sergio Domínguez (Dynamical Systems Expert)


Sergio Domínguez PhD in Engineering in Automatics from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He is associate professor of Automatic Control and Computer Vision at graduate and post-graduate levels at UPM since 1999. Formerly, he was professor of Computer Science at Universidad Europea de Madrid, from 1996 to 1998.

He has participated in many research projects related to the introduction of Computer Vision techniques in Industry, focussed in three main application areas: Visual information management systems, Automated visual inspection and 3D vision. He has participated in projects funded by the EU, like ESPRIT, EUREKA and CECA.

He has a patent in the field of Visual information management systems, which has been registered in 13 countries in Europe and South America. He is author or co-author of many international publications in different journals and symposia, in the afore mentioned research areas. His present research interest is focussed on intelligent access methods for querying by content image and video databases.

His contributions to the application of dynamical systems control and stability theory to reverse engineering common money practices has been foundational to both and hence to the MSTA.


Associate Collaborators

Ruben Arranz Gonzalez (Business and Logistics Expert)


Rubén Arranz Gonzalez, began his career as a political activist with the 15-M movement, participating in the assembly of his locality. Along with several of its members he founded the People’s Solidarity Network in Cuellar (Segovia), that while integrated with other such centres articulated throughout the country, operates autonomously and is self-managed. Through this platform he has organized lectures, workshops, seminars alternative information dissemination targeted campaigns and political empowerment to shake up minds towards greater awareness of the issues. He is graduate in History from the University of Salamanca with a Master in Business Management and Marketing from the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid. Currently he works in his family restaurant business as a sommelier.

Rossitsa Toncheva (Finance and Money Expert)


Rossitsa`s fields of expertise are money, finance and management. Her current position is a Chief Assistant and Lecturer in Corporate Finance at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Mrs. Toncheva has specialized in Brunel University, London; South Bank University; London School of Economics and Political Science. In her role as a Corporate Finance consultant from 1994 to 2007 she has participated in a great number of investment projects leading to her appointment as CEO at the Vazov Institute where she played a key role in the company research and development. In 2003 she became a Founder of VIPlus Ltd., Sofia – a recruitment company for middle and high level management. In 2010 she established her own company Alpha Bio Centre Ltd., Sofia promoting healthy life styles. In 2015 she was Co-Founder of Monetary Research Center, Sofia. Her PhD thesis in economics is on “The pro-monetary essence of contemporary barter”.

Mark Heffernan (Business and Alternative Money Expert)


Mark has a long career in business and manufacturing management and sales of industrial machinery parts and assemblies and is President of CBT Wear Parts, Inc. He is also President of Bio-Products Engineering (BPE) a cutting edge small biotechnology firm specializing in renewable energy from wet biomass and bio-chemicals from high moisture biomass feedstocks. He holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychology with additional professional studies in Water and Waste Water Management and Chemistry and with 20 years in the field of anaerobic digestion leading to co-designing the High Solids Two-Phase Anaerobic Digestion (HS2PAD™) system. He is also an accomplished singer and song writer. Over the past 5 years Mark has been studying the history of money and closely following recent developments and proposals for the new economy.

mitoa 2

Mitoa Edjang Campos (Current Affairs Expert)

Mitoa Edjang Campos is a seasoned  airline transport pilot (ATPL, AESA and FAA) with 10+ years as an airline captain.  He is a certified flight, ground and safety management systems instructor and President of the Association “Proyecto Escáner” dealing with flight security and human rights.  A successful alternate media radio host and producer for the current affairs show “El Vortice”, and co-producer of the documentary “Greecesland”.  He started covering the Passive BIBO Currency project in 2014 and as the expert pilot he is, quickly captured the power of applying dynamic systems and stability theory to defining stable money as well as how the Money System Transparency Alliance (MSTA) project lays down the foundation for the most sensible collective action in this regard.

External Advisors

Jaime Delgado Merce (IT and Computer based Ontology Expert)

Full Professor at the Computer Architecture Department of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Leading the DMAG (Distributed Multimedia Applications Group) research group. CEO of MediaTG Platforms, S.L., a spin-off of the UPC exploiting some of the research results of the DMAG, such as a platform for the development of secure multimedia distributed applications.