6 Facts to Change the World

Fact 1: Money is misrepresented and it is imperative that it be defined unequivocally for a stable civil society.  All wars become inevitable because:

a)  Civil society is destabilised with undue risk,  money’s misrepresentation being the most ubiquitous and intense cause of undue risk, leads to mass unrest.

b) Once unrest reaches certain thresholds,  people coalesce based on group think and demagoguery rather than reason,  until they begin to arm.

c) Once war breaks out,  it propagates to its ultimate extent for the simple fact that it becomes the economic priority of all sides.

Fact 2: No cause can be justly satisfied without correction of money’s misrepresentation as a priority.

Fact 3: Nothing can reform human society more deeply, immediately, permanently, beneficially and harmlessly than correcting money’s misrepresentation.

Fact 4: No creed nor any other belief system can rationally deny the imperative to correct money’s misrepresentation.

Fact 5: Correcting Money’s misrepresentation can be achieved on the basis of current standard legal, scientific and logical principles independently of any political movement or platform or belief system.

Fact 6: Your contribution to the cause that enables all causes may be what makes all the difference.