What the Money Systems Transparency Alliance (MSTA) is and isn’t:

  • Are we a “tear down the system” proposal?  NO, we are about making money’s true function unequivocally clear to all.
  • Is our aim removing the legal certainty of past contracts and agreements assumed in good faith?   NO, we are clarifying money’s optimal use as a representation of value free of undue limits, constraints and prejudice (the problem is not how money actually works, but how it is misrepresented by all rich, poor, powerful and humble).
  • Are we imposing any predetermined ideology or beliefs?  NO, we are only guaranteeing that the current lack of money’s logical definition and its subsequent misrepresentation is adequately addressed in the most transparent and rigorous FACTUAL scientific and legal terms.
  • Is the MSTA just another political platform? NO, while we propose broad collective action for establishing  a common  unequivocal technical and legal understanding of money and correction of its current misrepresentation, all our actions are dictated by conclusive objective technical, scientific and legal criteria.
  • Are you not an affront to those who on the basis of genuine merit, have succeeded in the current paradigm?  NO,  we are uniting those of genuine talent and merit in embracing a more transparent, freer and all inclusive playing field reducing risk and liability across the board.